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Great insight Orrin, thanks for your steadfast leadership.

Orrin Woodward LIFE Leadership Team

Tribes are groups of people with common interest, goals, and history together. The longer I build communities, the more I am convinced that the tribes within the community are one of the keys to restore Western Civilization’s culture. LIFE draws people together through shared dreams and goals, providing a sense of belonging and leadership principles to live by. This simple act of community is becoming a revolutionary activity in today’s atomized society. For without a strong sense of community, people cannot fully develop their potential and purpose.

The objective of LIFE is to learn truth in the 8F’s of life and live these principles within the community. The TEAM Community ensures the principles are not merely ivory tower teachings, but applicable to daily life. Can you imagine the benefit of a leadership tribe where you can learn leadership and life principles while developing tight relationships within a community of other…

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