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well said, Chris

Claude Hamilton

Wow!!! Orrin Woodward, one of the creators of the Mental Fitness Challenge, told me this was going to happen.  Last night (Tuesday) was the first time for about 90 percent of the Kaizen community to conduct challenge groups.  The response has been both immediate and overwhelming and skeptics were turned to steadfast believers with the amount of responses and testimonials of people wanting to share their stories about the Mental Fitness Challenge.

I received so many texts and emails from the Kaizen community over the past 24 hours, including from great leaders such as: Wayne and Raylene Macnamara, Joce and Cynthia Dionne, Terry and Ann Franks, Alex and Leighann Nickerson and Jean and Tamie Belanger.

I didn’t plan on posting for a few days because there are still so many people talking about the Mental Fitness Challenge post yesterday but I needed to express my enthusiasm…

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