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It’s How You Think That Counts “Reprint from Chris Brady’s Typepad”

Here is a great blog from a business associate that I believe gets to the heart of what we have going on in today’s culture. This is a re-post from his 2007 Type Pad blog of the same name. Bravo Chris!!   God Bless, Nate


People will often say that they are in search of an opportunity, assuming that they have the correct thinking to carry an opportunity through to success. What is most surprising, however, is that the challenge is usually just the opposite.

I know in my own case, I was convinced I knew how to think systematically. I was confident I could perform. I thought I had a good attitude. I had a great formal education, and it seemed all I needed was an opportunity.

Reality, however, was just the opposite. I didn’t so much need an opportunity as I did correct thinking. As it turns out, I had a lot to learn (and still do). I needed to develop emotional maturity, long term vision, attitude control, proper perspective, perseverence, and a long list of other things with which I wasn’t equipped. I was correct in my confidence that I could succeed, but not without a lot of personal change.

People who are unwilling to confront this brutal reality are the ones that go from “opportunity to opportunity” and never quite seem to make it. They are always on the brink of something big, but just never seem to get there. The reason is that they take the root of their problem with them into each new endeavor. That root, of course, is themselves! Without learning the thinking that leads to success, by studying the great achievers, finding a mentor, and making learning and personal change a constant in their life, they basically just experience the same failure over and over. Such a person that claims ten years experience actually just has the same experience over and over again for ten years because they haven’t grown personally.

If you are reading this blog, however, I think it very unlikely that you are in this category of people. You, instead, are reading and seeking information to help you develop your own thinking. If you place yourself on a program of personal growth, learning hungrily everything you can to improve, and if you strive to learn systematic thinking and grow in your leadership ability, you will suddenly begin seeing opportunity everywhere! The truth of the matter is, opportunity abounds, it’s people qualified to take advantage of it that is in short supply!

I sincerely wish you enjoyment, success, and significance as you take the self-discipline road of personal growth. You probably have no idea how big the opportunities are out there that await you! God Bless!


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