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Is it an Economic problem or is it a Wisdom problem that plagues our country?

In economic times when most people are just struggling to keep their house and put food on the table, it looks like a group of leaders have figured out a solution. I’ve heard the analogy that if your row boat is sinking because of a hole in the bottom, you can bail all the water you want, It’s still sinking! You have to patch the hole!

Here is a group of men and women that have figured out how to patch the hole while bailing the water. Fix the wisdom issues while making money.

I personally feel we aren’t in an economic crisis, we are in a paradigm shift and getting the right information (wisdom) about that shift seams to be getting a lot of boats floating again.

LIFE  business is up 42% in 2 months! I think the TEAM got it figured out!! Here is a link to a blog from Orrin Woodward that explains.

LIFE Business: Keeping Score


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